School Council


Our School Council is made up of 9 members, one from each class in the academy.  At the start of each school year, pupils are given the opportunity to put themselves forward to be a School Councillor.  Those pupils then make a short speech to their classmates stating why they think that they would be best person to take on that responsibility.  Each class then votes for the person that they would like to represent them on the School Council and the person with the most votes becomes the Councillor for their class.  To make it as fair as possible, pupils have the opportunity to be a School Councillor once during Key Stage 1 and once during Key Stage 2.

The School Council has several important responsibilities within the academy.  They collect ideas on how we can make our school a better place for everybody; they represent the academy at community events and they organise fundraising and charitable events throughout the school year, both to benefit the pupil within the academy and children in communities around the world.

The School Council then meets fortnightly with Miss Steele to discuss any ideas brought forward from each class. We also look at ideas that are placed in the suggestions box. Each item is discussed and the school council decide on whether an idea or suggestion might need to be taken further.  Sometimes this is decided by voting.  Miss Steele may then action some of the proposals herself, or where necessary, liaise with Mrs Ward or Mr Schofield to get things done.  When appropriate, Miss Steele also discusses ideas proposed by the School Council in the weekly Staff meeting. 

The outcomes are then reported back to the School Councillors, who then inform their class of the outcome of the meetings.  Each time there is a meeting, minutes are taken and these are displayed on the School Council noticeboard so that anyone who is interested can read them.

The latest events that the School Council have been involved in are also displayed on the noticeboard.  Some recent stories include:

  • Meeting with representatives from Wakefield Council to launch a site safety competition and come up with the name of a new street of houses being built in Ackworth.
  • Naming of the new school mascot (Barney, as named by Rebecca Fletcher.
  • The School council represented the academy at the Armistice Day service at Ackworth war memorial.
  • Operation Christmas Child:  the children donated gifts to children in some of the poorest communities around the world.

Past & future events also include:

  • Bun bake sale
  • Royal Bell Lane Day
  • Guess the number of sweets in the jar
  • Raffle for the school mascot
  • A variety of themed non-uniform days

The School council has used some of the funds raised to buy:

  • Indoor playtime games
  • Playground equipment
  • The pirate ship

Other proposals have included:

  • More pegs in the cloakrooms
  • Air freshener in the toilets
  • Having a school pet
  • More playground equipment